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Philipsburg is the capital of St. Maarten, the Dutch part of the island of St. Maarten belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is named after the Dutch Deputy Commander John Philips – though himself a Scot.
Philipsburg arose on a narrow strip of land with one side and the sea and on the other the Salt Lake of the Great Bay. This way the salt recovered out of the lake was easily loaded on ships for further transport from the Great Bay on the Caribbean Sea.
Today is the purpose of the salt lake an expansion area, especially for public buildings such as offices and the pound fill, with other words the landfill. PHILIPSBURG HARBOR VIEW

Under the management of Philips’ many English plantation owners were attracted with their English-speaking slaves . That is why the spoken language on Sint Maarten is still English – even though Dutch is the official language, which is taught in at the schools.SXM St Maarten Philipsburg GreatBay

The two main streets in Philipsburg are Front Street and Back Street. Front Street is known for its jewelry stores, electronics stores and souvenir shops. In Backstreet are some cheaper stores found where mainly clothing is sold.

A major attraction is the old courthouse. It is one of the oldest buildings on the island. The wooden building was built in 1793 and served as the office of John Philips. Later, it served as a court, jail, post office, fire station and city hall.

Philipsburg Harbor View ourmapcamWebcam
Now, who’s In Port  of Sint Maarten today? This is a real-time high quality webcam feed direct from Philipsburg with a view across the Great Bay to the cruise terminal where you can see the daily comings and goings of cruise ships from the smallest to the largest.

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