Most exciting airport


Most exciting airport

Almost no one on this planet would ever have heard of Sint Maarten’s most exciting airport, were it not that the landings on the tiny field are particularly spectacular for the eyes: the flight path carries just over a beach, so everyone can almost touch the landing crafts.most exciting airport

Princess Juliana SXM St Maarten / Martin

Also one of the very dangerous!! but also very popular activities is the Fence Surfing, where people hold on to the fence and try to conquer the enormous jet engine blasts. With this little game many people are blown over the sea into the sea, among with their belongings.
please note that we are not trying to encourage people to do this.



From a small US military airport in 1942

towards an ultra-modern international airport in the seventies, Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) has developed by leaps and bounds to create it one in every of the busiest within the region, with about 1.6 million passengers passing through it yearly.
The first industrial flight, a KLM “Kolibrie” aircraft, touched down on December the 3rd, 1943. The world’s largest transport plane, the Antonov An-255, landed with relief materials in 1995 after Hurricane Luis. Even the currently, out of order, Concorde, that at the time was the world’s quickest craft, landed on the SXM runway long before this was extended to its current length of 2,300 m (7,659 ft).

Princess Juliana International AirportThe first terminal building quickly became inadequate. Consequently, a brand new one was in-built 1964.

In 1986, the terminal building was transformed with new departure and arrival halls. A brand new company structure was enforced in 1996 with the incorporation of the Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company NV (PJIAE).

In 1997, a programme was developed leading to the new US$100 million depot that was formally opened on November ten, 2006. Designed to handle 2 and a half million passengers annually, SXM Airport’s four-level, totally cooled, and spacious trendy terminal facilities with its glass exterior, span a area of thirty 2,000 square meter. It includes twelve boarding gates, four jet bridges; forty six arrival positions and eight CUSS kiosks or self-service arrival systems. it’s a cushty Departure Hall with twenty one utterly exempt shops, and five food & liquid retailers with three bars.

Airplane crashes

Most of the people think Sint Maarten most exciting airport is considered one of the most dangerous airports of the world, but infact that is all but true.
Princess Juliana International Airport is absolutely one of the safest. Only in the early `70s only two crashes have occured, but that was in a time where the technology was not quite the same as that of we have today.

“ALM Flight 980 was a flight scheduled to fly from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, New York to Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, on 2 May 1970. After several unsuccessful landing attempts, the aircraft’s fuel was exhausted and it made a forced water landing (ditching) in the Caribbean Sea 48 km (30 mi) off St. Croix, with 23 fatalities and 40 survivors. The accident is one of a small number of intentional water ditchings of jet airliners.”

“21 DEC 1972 – The Twin Otter operated a flight on behalf of Air France from Guadeloupe to St. Maarten in the Caribbean. It crashed at night, near the island of St. Maarten. All 11 passengers and 2 crew members perished.”
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