Mountain Biking St Martin

Mountain Biking St Martin

For years, local mountain bikers have responded to the hills´ challenge, opening or re-opening trails and setting up training or competition circuits. Mountain Biking St Martin.

Shoreline trails have also been made part of their luscious playground Mountain Biking St Martinproviding an alternative to the more strenuous mountain trails, fitting mood, physical condition, the pleasures of physical excursion or leisurely riding. These nature and sport lovers will graciously welcome visitors into their paradise.

In the tropics, this sport requires a few precautions: drinking water is absolutely necessary, even for short rides. A bandanna, worn under the required helmet, will pleasantly absorb perspiration. When scheduling the ride, one should take into account the tropical sun´s fierceness, as well as the fact that in Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten night sets surprisingly fast. Thorny bushes might be the price to pay to discover magnificent sites unreachable otherwise, re-discover the simple pleasure of picking wild fruits or of wandering around without boundaries. In order to maintain this increasingly rare natural balance, one should always make the effort to keep the trails and the cattle fences in good shape, remembering that mountain biking is made possible thanks to the generosity of the land owners, who trust us.

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