NATURE SXM St Maarten Martin

NATURE SXM St Maarten Martin

NATURE SXM St Maarten Martin

Anse Marcel

In the far north of the island is Anse Marcel, with the Riu hotel. Also a nature reserve and a number of beautiful hiking trails, which makes it more interesting to stay here.


Pic Paradis is the highest mountain in St Maarten. It is 411 meters high. On the slopes of Pic Paradis is the Loterie Farm, where you can take part in jungle tours, ziplines or an excursion toNATURE SXM St Maarten Martin thermal springs. Although it is a very friendly island, adorned Saint Martin is still mainly with columnar cacti and lower bolcactussen. Only at the St.Peters – Sentry Hill ridge is sufficient rain for tropical forest. Along the edges grows wild everywhere hybiscus, croton, paradise flowers and poinsettias.


Two large lagoons, Simpson Bay Lagoon (Dutch / French) and Oyster Bay (French) offer peace and space for a unique community: the mangrove forests of Saint Martin. On stilt roots in balancing the saltwater mangroves stretch out and are a haven for animals. More than fifty species of birds, including American Little egrets, find food and nesting. Invisible is a vast breeding ground for fish and crabs which inter alia imported raccoons and mongooses love.

Man of War Shoal Marine Park St. Maarten

Since late 2010, the first national marine park of St Martin, the Man of War Shoal Marine Park NATURE SXM St Maarten Martinopened. In this park you will better protect the beautiful reef off the coast of St. Maarten. The area is known as the Proselyte Reef Complex and is of great importance for nature on St. Maarten. With the opening of the marine park is actually the first protected natural area open on the island, a good step towards sustainability. The reef is named after a gun frigate ran aground here in early 19th century. At the bottom are still many archaeological treasures, including guns, pots and anchors, which now constitute the habitat of many fish and corals.

Island Hopping

From St. Martin you can easily visit the smaller, surrounding bounty islands, including Ile de Pinel and Tintamarre île. By ferry or boat you can also make a day trip to other islands such as Saba (15 minutes), St. Barths (15 min flight.), Anguilla (20 minute flight, with the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea) and St. Eustatius (20 minutes).

Diving and snorkeling on St Maarten

The island offers plenty of beautiful coral reefs where you can snorkel or diving. Especially Great Bay and Little Bay are good diving spots. Man of War Shoal Marine Park is a wonderful place to dive: whales, dolphins and sea turtles swimming among the many smaller fish.