St Maarten Carnival 2016

St Maarten Carnival 2016


Always in April we have our annual carnival, celebrated in African-Caribbean style.

This carnival is celebrated even more exuberant than Christmas. We will be full of Jump


st martin carnival 2016

-up parades and exciting parties. The preparations of the costumes are already started in November or maybe even earlier.

Every year a Carnival Village is built in Philipsburg for this event. The Village has an area the size of a football field, and is at the heart of the celebrations and theme parties. On the big stage you can see the most spectacular shows. About and around the terain one will find all kind of catering and delights to enjoy the delicious Caribbean cuisine and cocktails.

St. Maarten Carnival Schedule 2016:


st maarten carnival 2016

Saturday, March 19th: Causeway Jump Up & 1st Road to Carnival Party
Friday, April 1st: Around Town Jump Up & 2nd Road to Carnival Party
Saturday, April 2nd: Senior Calypso Eliminations & Roadmarch competition
Sunday, April 3rd: Junior Queen Snow Junior Calypso Show
Friday, April 8th: Road To Carnival Party Finale
Saturday, April 9th: Rio Productions Lighted Parade
Sunday, April 10th: Survivors Children Balloon Parade
Thursday. April 14th: Official Opening at Carnival 2015/Carnival Village Opening
Friday, April 15th: Soca Rumble
Saturday, Apri116th: Caribbean Flag Fest International Concert
Sunday. April 17th: Junior & Cultural Paradeltillage Cookup
Monday, Spill 18th: Teen Carnival Queen Pageant
Tuesday, April 19th: Senior Carnival Queen Pageant
Wednesday, April 20th: Miss Mature Carnival Queen Pageant
Thursday. April 21st: Youth Extravaganza
Friday, April 22nd: Dreamteam Entertainment Concert
Saturday, April 23rd: Night of the Hit Makers Concert
Sunday, April 24th: Splash Wet Fete in Carnival Village
Monday, April 25th: Senior Calypso Finals
Tuesday, April 26th: International Concert
Wednesday, April 27th (4am): Jouvert Morning Jurnp-Up
Wednesday, April 27th (8pm): S5 Village Night King & Queen of the Band
Thursday, April 28th: Fully Loaded III
Friday, April 29th: Sahor Latino IV
Saturday, April 30th: Grand Carnival Parade
Sunday, May 1st: Labor Day Parade
Monday, May 2nd: Wet & Dry Family Play Day
Tuesday, May 3rd: Closing/Burning King Moms


st maarten carnival parade

Carnival 2016